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BP 111

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  1. Davies Davies says:

    Hi Steve, love the fz pipe, I see that it was done by Racefit, did they do the headers as well or just the can ? Building one to parade at the classic TT this year and need a decent pipe.


  2. Lucky 7 says:

    Hi, my basket case came with a micron system fitted which was probably the best bit about the bike so when the time came I got Racefit to rework the system and fit a custom silencer. As std the Micron is quite low slung so they cut the link pipe at the weld and rotated it to get a nice upswept angle, all pretty straight forward. I was insistent that I wanted a large bore but small diameter,long silencer but it’s really LOUD! 115db at cadwell last year saw me make no friends with the marshals so just bear that in mind:)

  3. paul davies says:

    Thanks Steve, should be no problem for the classic parade as we can run the bikes unsilenced, so was going to get them to do a pipe similar to yours for uk parading and a fully unsilenced one to their design for the classic parade. Just had the bike painted in eddie lawson daytona colours, couldn’t find a 1FN race seat but got a 2mg one and had it modded to look like the 1FN as I want it to look as original as possible.


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