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  1. Charles Saunder says:

    Hi Steve,
    Loved the article in Classic Mechanics as I recently purchased a FZ750 that has had the same front fork, wheel and swing arm fittings from a Thunderace.
    However, although the rear chain lines up ok and the swing arm fits like a glove, the wheel alignment is so badly out the MOT bloke nearly had a fit. Can you advise the type of spacers you used when fitting the Thunderace wheel/swing arm combination into the FZ frame.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.


  2. Lucky 7 says:

    The only spacers I had to make up were to sleeve down for the swing arm spindle. Sounds like they’ve done something wrong but without seeing it I can’t even begin to guess what.

  3. Hi
    Is it possible you could give me some advice for fitting a Thunderace swingarm into an FZ750 please
    My FZ had a YZF arm in it when I bought it.I took this out yesterday and the T Ace arm is slightly wider at the pivot spindle. Having laid one arm over the other,my first thoughts were to cut the excess material off the right side but im not really sure
    I would be very greatfull for any help on this


  4. Lucky 7 says:

    Hi Chris,
    If you cut a lump off one side you’ll end up with the wheels out of line, an equal amount needs to be removed either side. This is best done on a milling machine so you’d be advised to make friends with a local machine shop, the tube that slides inside the arm also needs shortening. You’ll also need a pair of top hat spacers which we can supply for £35.

  5. Thanks for your help Steve
    Where do the top hat spacers go? and will you send me a number to call you to order them please

  6. Neil Spurway says:

    Im in the middle of a very slow update of a fz750 1 fn. I have already acquired a thuderace swing arme to instal but have not progressed further yet . I would like to discusss the possibily of purchasing the top hat spacers you have refered to in other post and the amount of material that needs to be trimmed of the swing arm to make it work. So can you plaese provide some conatct details ( tel no) in order to aid the process.

  7. Lucky 7 says:

    Hi Neil,
    Sorry for they delay in responding my number is 07958990962.

  8. Lucky 7 says:

    Hi Chris,
    Sorry for the delay, the spacers slip into the existing thunderace swing arm tube, you can get me on 07958990962.