FZ750s day out

Towards the end of last year I sent the FZ up to Darley Dale home of Racefit exhausts to have some much needed pipe work. While it was there some shots were taken by Mat Dakin.

Builders Paradise 26 Builders Paradise 163 BP 1 BP 35 BP 106 BP 107 BP 109 BP 121 BP 110 BP 111 BP 120 Builders Paradise 24

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4 Responses to FZ750s day out

  1. julian says:

    New pipe looks great, suits the bike nicely.

  2. Mark Koppeser says:

    Great looking FZ. Can you tell me the manufacturer of the rearsets or are they custom built? Would like to see an image of the shifter side.


  3. Lucky 7 says:

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the kind words. The rearsets are custom made, I had a local machine shop make the mounting plates and used some levers and pegs I had around the garage. There are lots of pictures on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/luckyseven.motorcycles

  4. Mark Koppeser says:

    Hi Steve

    Reason I asked was your rearset brackets look very similar to a set on shown on an 85′ that was prepared for The Daytona 200 only a couple of months after the FZ was on the market (Cycle Guide June 1985).
    I’ve got a set of rearsets from an R6 that I was thinking about cannibalizing to make something similar.
    I sure wouldn’t be upset if templates for your brackets were to up in my mail box.


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